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Angelica Nuzzo, Hegel and the Analytic Tradition, Continuum, 2010

Angelica Nuzzo, Hegel and the Analytic Tradition, Continuum, 2010, pp. 224.
Offering one of the first initiatives of reconciliation between the analytic and continental philosophical traditions, this important collection of original essays offers a new perspective on Hegel’s philosophy within the context of some of the themes central to current discussion.
Placing Hegel at the intersection between continental and analytic philosophy, the book presents an indispensible guide to the most current contemporary debates and to an emerging topic within Hegel studies. Analytic philosophy has long been held to consider Hegel its bĂȘte noir. Yet in fact Hegel and analytic philosophy converge on some crucial issues, which suggests that, although analytic philosophy initially declared its anti-Hegelianism, it is in fact nourished of Hegelian themes and defended through Hegelian concepts.
The essays in this volume address this apparent paradox, offering ‘analytic’ readings of Hegel, Hegelian readings of the analytic tradition, historical explorations of Hegel’s confrontation with Kant and of the analytic tradition’s debt to Hegel, and new interpretations of Hegelian texts.
Table of Contents
Introduction: Dialectic Appropriations
1. The Point of Hegel's Dissatisfaction with Kant, Joseph Margolis (Temple University, USA)
2. The Necessities of Hegel's Logics, David Kolb (Bates College, USA)
3. Vagueness and Meaning Variance in Hegel's Logic, Angelico Nuzzo (Graduate Center, CUNY, USA)
4. Hegel and Natural Language, John McCumber (UCLA, USA)
5. Hegel Non-Analytic Option, Terry Pinkard (Georgetown University, USA)
6. Unlikely Bedfellows?: Putnam and Hegel on Natural Kind Terms, Katharina Dulckeit (Butler University, USA)
7. Was Hegel Noneist, Allist or Someist?, Franca D'Agostini (Universita' di Parma, Italy)
8. Some Recent Analytic 'Realist' Readings of Hegel, Tom Rockmore (Duquesne University, USA)
9. Hegel, Russell and the Foundations of Philosophy, Kenneth R. Westphal (University of Kent, UK)

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