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Giovanni Sgro'

David Ryazanov 1924

The Posthumous Writings of Marx and Engels.Source: Communist Review, February 1924;
Transcribed: by Adam Buick.
Comrade Ryasanov, after his return from Germany where he investigated the unpublished writings of Marx and Engels, delivered a lecture on the results of his work in the Socialist Academy in Moscow. From this lecture we print the following extract. – Ed. The posthumous writings of Marx and Engels were treated with gross carelessness by those to whose care they were entrusted. The Manuscripts were scattered in Berlin, in London, and in the Archives of the German Social Democrats. The huge library left by Marx and Engels to the German Social Democratic Party has almost entirely disappeared. Bernstein and Bebel, who were the trustees of the bequest, considered themselves as the absolute owners and disposed of it at their own discretion.
Mehring was the first who, on behalf of the Party, set himself to the study of these posthumous writings. The great gaps which I found…

An Essay on Riazanov’s Founding of the Marx-Engels Institute

The Marx-Engels Instituteby "L.B."(Translated from La Critique sociale, no.2, July 1931, pp.51-2.)The Marx-Engels Institute was founded towards the end of the year 1920, but was only able to install itself in the building it has since occupied a year later (previously the town residence of the Dolgorukov princes [1]), situated in Moscow's Znamenka quarter, formerly the Malo-Znamenky sector, now Marx-Engels Street. In a pamphlet published in 1929 the Institute's founder, D. Riazonov, informed us that the Central Committee of the Communist Party - following the entire preparatory work of Riazonov, about which the pamphlet was silent - had originally proposed that he organise a "Museum of Marxism". But Riazonov envisaged something greater, more important, and also more useful. He obtained its permission to create a scientific institute, a sort of "laboratory" where historian and activist alike could study "in the most favourable conditions the bi…

Volume della MEGA II/15. Descrizione in italiano

Band II/15 (MEGA-website)

Karl Marx / Friedrich Engels: Gesamtausgabe (MEGA). Herausgegeben von der Internationalen Marx-Engels-Stiftung. Zweite Abteilung. Band 15: Karl Marx: Das Kapital. Kritik der Politischen Ökonomie. Dritter Band. Hrsg. von Friedrich Engels. Hamburg 1894. Bearbeitet von Regina Roth, Eike Kopf und Carl-Erich Vollgraf unter Mitwirkung von Gerald Hubmann. Mit einer Einführung von Bertram Schefold. Berlin: Akademie-Verlag 2004. XI, 860 S. Text und S. 861-1420 Apparat. – ISBN 978–3–05–003797–4.Der fünfzigste Band der MEGA enthält die von Engels im Dezember 1894 herausgegebene Druckfassung des dritten Bandes des „Kapital". Sie bot, so Engels im Vorwort, den Abschluß des theoretischen Teils des Marxschen Hauptwerks und löste eine breite Diskussion über das Marxsche System aus. Der dritte Band des „Kapital" sorgt daher bereits seit seiner Veröffentlichung für grundsätzliche, zum Teil bis heute andauernde Kontroversen, insbesondere über Marx' Mechanismus der Transformatio…